JSLA (Japan Sports Law Association) Annual Review, No.1, 1994

 “The Special Characteristics of the Parties Involved in Sports”


Sports Law – National Sports Law, Autonomous Sports Law & World Sports Law

Masaji Chiba


Sport as National “Culture” in Japan

Kenichi Nagai


Sports Law Issues, including its Objectives and Methods


Issues concerning Sports Rights

Yoshio Hamano


1st Annual JSLA Symposium


Keynote Addresses


Coaching for Winning: A Case Study of Waseda University Rugby Football Club

Hiroshi Hibino


Cases of Sports Accidents and the Parties Involved: The Inherent Risks in Sports

Takashi Ito


Symposium: Reports & Discussions


The Parties involved with Municipal Sports

Kunihiko Karai


Sport as a Means of Social Control & its Participants:                    Mitsuaki Sasaki

From the Perspective of the Policy for the Sound Nurturing of Young People


Participants in Sports: The Special Characteristics of Instructors & Students Athletes in the School Sports System

Masaru Saito


The Rights & Duties of Sports Athletes and Players

Chiharu Sato


Legal Cases/Judgments concerning High Level Amateur Sports Athletes in American Sports

Yoichi Inoue


Free Topic Contributions


A Legal Study of the Transfer of Control within Sports Organisations in Britain

Yuji Nakamura


Sports Rights & the Public

Kazuo Uchiumi


The Legal Liability & Duty of Care of Sports Coaches and Instructors in relation to Accidents in Sports in the Community

Yosihisa Miura


Constitutional Law & Sports Promotion in the Federal German Republic

Mari Kobayashi


The History & Theory of Sports Law in France

Kenji Saito


A Study on the Normative Nature of the Olympic Charter as the Common Law in the International Sports Community

Keiko Nagaishi


Book Reviews


“The Struggle over Free Agency”

Masaru Ikei


“Le sport et son droit”


Kenji Saito


“Establishing the Sports System After World War II”

Sadao Morikawa


Sportförderung und Sport-föderungsrecht als Staatsaufg abe


Mari Kobayashi