JSLA (Japan Sports Law Association) Annual Review, No.2, 1995

 “Disputes & Accidents in Sports”


Specific Reasons to Mitigate the Legal Liability for Sports Injuries

Jiro Yamada


Issues concerning the Regulation of Violence in American Sports

Yoichi Inoue


2nd Annual JSLA Symposium


Keynote Addresses


Sports Disputes and their Handling under Sports Law

Masaji Chiba


The Present Situation and Legal Issues in relation to Sports Injuries and Accidents

Koichiro Mochizuki


Symposium: Reports & Discussions


Sports Volunteers and Sports Accidents

Tetsuro Sugawara


Preventing Sports Accidents: The Changing Social Climate and the Duty of Care of Sports Coaches & Instructors in Light of the Concept of Negligence

Kazuo Hino


Accident Compensation Law in New Zealand and Sports Accidents

Nobuyuki Konbo


The Jurisprudence of Sports Accidents

Masaru Ogasawara


Free Topic Contributions


The Establishment and Subsequent Development of Sports Facilities Laws in France

Kenji Saito


The Legal Measures Devised for Dealing with Football Hooligans in Britain

Yuji Nakamura


Sportanlagen und Umweltschutz: Sportanlagen larmschutzverdung 18. BlmSchV

Mari Kobayashi


Matters concerning Waiver Forms in Cases of Sports Accidents in the USA

Momoko Suzuki


A Study on the Vision for Understanding Sports Accidents

Hiroki Kido


Sports Accidents and the Legal Doctrine of “Assumption of Risk”

Shin Oikawa


Book Reviews


“A Critique of the Environment for Japanese Sports”

Masafumi Funaki


The Development of and Challenges Facing Sports Law in Light of the “Japan Sports Law Association Annual Review, No.1”

Tadashi Matsumoto