“Contract Issues in Sports”

JSLA (Japan Sports Law Association) Annual Review, No.3, 1996


Krister Malmsten, Konfliktlosning inom idrottsrorelsen, Svensk Juristtidning (SvJT), 1995


Kaneyoshi Hagiwara


The Legal Problems associated with Sport Players’ Contracts

Shigeo Sakamoto

3rd Annual JSLA Symposium



Keynote Address



Individuals, Organizations and the State in Sports Law: On the Player’s ‘Right of Self Determination



Symposium: Reports & Discussions

Koji Nakamura



Drafting Contracts in relation to Sports Accidents

Chiharu Sato


The Operation of the J-League Regulations in Practice

Hisashi Kato


Athletes & Players’ Contracts in Practice

Shin Yamada






Free Topic Contributions


A Study on the Statutes Governing the Sports Markets in Britain

Yuji Nakamura


A Study on Sports Accidents and Compensation in China

Jin Xin Jing


The Relationship between the Rules and Accidents which Occur in Sport

Hiroki Kido


’Liability Waiver Agreements’ in Scuba Diving in Practice

Makoto Nakada

Sports Accidents at School and the Duty of Care

Hitoshi Masuo


A Study of the Issues Surrounding School Sports Clubs and School/Students Contracts to Gain a Deeper Understanding of the Theory Behind Sports Rights

Mitsuru Irisawa


Professional Sports in the EU: Focus on the Bosman Judgment

Masao Takahashi


Book Reviews

“Who are Sports for?”

Takanori Miyauchi


“An Introduction to Sports Law”

Masami Koshiji