JSLA (Japan Sports Law Association) Annual Review, No.4, 1997

“Sports Rights & Culture”


Cultural Traits, Legal Rights, and Legal Ideas in Sports

Masaji Chiba


The Formation, Violation and Waiver of Legal Rights in Sports Cultures


Shin Oikawa


4th Annual JSLA Symposium

Keynote Addresses


The Right of Self Determination in Sports and Contractual Liability: A Study relating to Mountaineering Accidents

Yoshio Hamano

Sport as Culture

Tsuneo Sogawa

Symposium: Reports & Discussions


Sports Culture from the Perspective of “Comparative Sports Cultures”

Masahiro Inagaki


The Structural Characteristics of Sports Rules

Kanji Kotani


The Problems with Tennis Membership Lawsuits in relation to Protecting the Tennis Environment

Masako Yoshida



Free Topic Discussions


An Overview of the Publicly Available Legal Precedents on Accidents in Baseball and related Sports

Katsumitsu Yoshida


The Policies for Promoting Sports and Preventing Sports Accidents in New Zealand


Nobuyuki Konbo

The Duty of Care for Safety: Its Function in Sports Accidents


Atsuko Tanaka

A Study of the Product Liability Law Applicable to Ski-bindings

Toshihide Mizusawa


A Study of British Ordinances on FLA: The Functional Cooperation between Licensing Authorities, Local Administrative Agents and Sport Clubs for Safety in Football Grounds

Yuji Nakamura

Reviewing the Application of American Anti-Trust Law to the Four Major League Sports in relation to Restraining the Trade of Players in the Leagues

Keiji Kawai


The Social Problems which Blight Sports for Children

Hiroki Kido


The Legislative Process of the French Act for the Development of Physical Education and Sports, enacted on 29th October 1975



Kenji Saito


Book Reviews


“An Introduction to the Study of Sports Rules”

Kanji Kotani


Sports and the Law-Major Legal Cases


Yoichi Inoue