JSLA (Japan Sports Law Association) Annual Review, No.6, 1999

“Immunity from Legal Liability in Sports”


The Liability of the Municipalities Under the State Tort Liability Act: A Search for its Particularities on the Cultural Nature of Sports Law 

Masaru Ogasawara

 Liability for Damage in Sport Accidents: A Legal Justification of Immunity from the Perspectives of Wrongdoing and the Limitation of Damage


Chiharu Sato


6th Annual JSLA Symposium

Keynote Addresses


Sports and Criminal Liability

Masahide Maeda

Sports Accidents and Justification of Civil Illegality: An Examination of the related Substantive Law and Case Law (Lawsuits)


Kaneyoshi Hagiwara


Symposium: Reports & Discussions


Justification of Illegality in Sports: From the Perspective of American Cases Discharging Liability

Yoichi Inoue


Sports Accidents and the Justification of Illegality

Jiro Yamada


The Present Situation and Issues concerning Medical Certificates and Written Pledges in Sports – Running and Triathlons

Tetsuro Yamanishi


Free Topic Contributions


The Risks of the Legal Liability involved with Leisure Driving and the Devices Designed to Prevent these

Nakada Makoto


Examining the Official Notice on Batting Training by the Japan High School Baseball Association

Masamitsu Yamanishi


A Study of the “Obligation to Provide Safety” from Accidents and Disputes at High School Athletic Meetings


Kanji Kotani

The Transformation of Sports Administration in Australia:

From National Fitness to the Sports Commission Act


Hirotoshi Mori

A Survey by Questionnaire: The Awareness of Athletes of Insurance Matters for Skiers and Snowboarders

Toshihide Mizusawa


Book Reviews


“Sports Law”

Masao Takahashi


“Sports & International Politics”

Yuji Nakamura