Regulations of the Japan Sports Law Association

Chapter 1 – General

Article 1

This association shall be called the Japan Sports Law Association (gJSLAh).

Article 2

JSLAfs executive office shall be where the board of directors sit. 

Chapter 2 – Objectives and Work of JSLA

Article 3

JSLAfs objectives, together with promoting the development of and supporting researchers/scholars in the study of sports law, shall be to build contacts and foster cooperation with sports law associations domestically and internationally.

Article 4

In order fulfil the above stipulated objectives, JSLA shall carry out the following work:
1. Organise and convene research conferences
2. Create sports law publications, including journals
3. Build up contact and foster relations with other associations domestically and internationally
4. Carry out whatever work is appropriate to fulfil the aim(s) of JSLA

Chapter 3 – Members and the General Assembly

Article 5

JSLA shall be organised by scholars/experts that shall contribute research focused on the study of sports law.

Article 6

Prospective members of JSLA shall require the nomination of two board members.

Article 7

Members shall as stipulated by the general assembly pay all membership fees.

Article 8

JSLA shall convene a general assembly once every year.Otherwise, JSLA can convene emergency general assemblies, whenever required

Chapter 4 – Board of Directors

Article 9

The business and management of JSLA shall be carried out by the board of directors.The board of directors shall consist of the chairman and other directors.

Article 10

The chairman shall summarise the business of JSLA, and can appoint a deputy chairman to assist in the execution of these matters.

Article 11

The chairman and directors shall be elected at the general assembly. The election procedures shall be determined separately.

Article 12

The chairman and directors shall hold office for terms of three years. These parties shall be valid for re-election. 

Article 13

The board of directors shall have a secretary general who is appointed by the chairman.

Article 14

The board of directors shall have an auditor to audit the accounts and business of JSLA. The auditor shall be elected by the general assembly for a term of three years. The auditor shall be valid for re-election.

Chapter 5 – Amending the Regulations of JSLA

Article 15

An amendment to these regulations shall require the approval of a two thirds majority of those present at a general assembly.

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Supplementary Regulations
Article 1
For the parties stipulated in Article 5 that applied for JSLA membership at the time of the associationfs founding, the provisions of Article 6 shall not apply.

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Article 2
These regulations came into force on 19 December 1992.